ARES unites with "God of War" to release the first NFT
2022-05-27 18:05:16 Reading

  According to a new report from data company a few days ago, NFT trading volume reached $17.6 billion in 2021, soaring 21,000% from $82 million in 2020.

NFT more and more began to attract attention, more and more enthusiasts, collectors enter to participate in the investment of NFT tokens and products, also including well-known institutions enter to start the deployment of the layout of the NFT project, become one of the future hot direction of the chain circle after DeFi, NFT uniqueness and scarcity makes it very suitable to reflect its unique ownership in the realization of the asset, the real realization of the virtual world digital assets Scarcity and personalized value flow and collection.

Now the application scope and realistic value of NFT is not yet fully defined, but the numerous IP brands and enthusiastic growing enthusiasts have already let countless capital see the huge market potential, and the various ways to play also let global users have a greater imagination of NFT-enabled brand communication.

ARES, a recently launched pan-entertainment social platform, has also released the upcoming joint first GameFi "God of War" release of the Phantom God NFT. ARES' joint release of the Phantom God NFT is metaphysical and unique, created by integrating elements from the Chinese "Shanhaijing". The NFT is not only a collector's item that can be earned, it is also a good partner to accompany players in God of War to travel the world and cooperate in the battle.

Charles, founder of ARES, said "At ARES, we never choose to follow the NFT release, we choose to lead. Our core principle in scaling our products and landing applications is to add value, utility and user stickiness to the ARES Metaverse to benefit the entire ARES DAO, and the release of NFT meets all of these needs"

Although the concept of NFT is in full swing now, the real-world application scenarios of NFT are still very few, and it is still an extremely young industry, and the global real NFT user group is still very small and scattered. collection, it is also a figurative three-dimensional game partner for players. Let the global potential NFT project with NFT enthusiasts from around the world to establish a new value, expect to achieve a global consensus in the future, so that NFT to the mainstream.

ARES will also do deeper exploration in the future, will continue to introduce joint GameFi, virtual collectibles, art, sports, music, books, video, real estate and other areas of NFT projects in, will also cooperate with more IP of big hits and issue NFT, while sharing auctions with ARES DAO all kinds of big hit ip NFT, the future NFT was fleshed out IP, cast into digital collectibles, will produce a similar effect of strangeness as described by German theorist Brecht, so that the audience will have a sense of freshness, so that they can buy and collect.

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