DP Labs creates the world's first meta-universe naked-eye 3D game Digital Planet
2019-07-18 15:45:00 Reading

 DP Labs Protocol Laboratory was established in July 2019, led by Cliff Motors, the former CEO of Magic Leap in the United States, and supported by the Singapore Digital Fund, Digital Fund and Dimenco. The core technical team of DP is developed by the early members of the naked-eye 3D technology development team and well-known R&D teams such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, AR artificial intelligence, and internationally renowned mathematicians, cryptographers and economists. It is developed by the current IPFS Salisu Yusuf, one of the core members, serves as a special technical consultant for the laboratory. Create the world's first naked-eye 3D game state of the meta-universe through a blockchain project that deeply integrates meta-universe, DeFi, and NFT.
DP Digital Planet Lab is located in California, USA, and its founder, Cliff Motors, is a prestigious industry leader. When the epidemic broke out in early 2020, the DP project led by Dr. Cliff Motors attracted the joint investment and joining of many well-known European and American institutions such as Siemens Lidofour, Ericsson-LG Joint Company, and Dimenco of the Netherlands. The initial investment of US$2 billion was used to build DP servers. Cluster. Currently, DP Digital Planet Lab has a digital storage service experiment center in California, covering an area of ​​12,000 square meters, with over 500 technical and service personnel, equipped with a DP data center, a DP open developer base, and a DP block. Three core functional areas such as the chain laboratory.

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