Entering the metaverse era, Free DAO creates a virtual world.
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In 2021, the concept.

In 2021, the concept of the “metaverse” , which had been silent for many years, suddenly exploded with technology and venture capital. Technology giants and venture capital organisations have come down to seize the opportunity of the next Internet era.

Roblox was listed on U.S. stocks with a market value of nearly $30 billion in March, shocking the world. It attracts more than 7 million developers around the world to develop games, while Roblox builds an economic biosphere between 7 million game developers and paid users, and is believed to explore a business model close to the metaverse .


What exactly is the metaverse?

Metaverse was born in 1992 in the American science fiction novel 《Snow Crash》, which refers to the construction of a three-dimensional virtual world parallel to real life and basically the same experience. Its core lies in the reliable carrying of human virtual assets, virtual identities and other physical objects, and realising the replication of the bottom logic of the real world.

In the metaverse, people can turn themselves into virtual images, completing some things such as work, socialising, games, shopping, and even trading. The metaverse represents the boundless virtual world and interacts with the real world in a pluralistic way, which has become an important reason for capital pursuit.

Facebook, a U.S. social networking giant, has also launched Facebook Horizon, a VR social platform, which is seen as the first milestone in Facebook's exploration of the metaverse.

With the development of the metaverse, major traditional Internet enterprises have also entered the Yuanmex. In April this year, Metaverse Google Search Index soared to its highest point, and domestic and foreign game companies and capital flocked, jointly contributing to the explosion of the "metaverse" market.

Free DAO will be the key to the opening of the metaverse

Free DAO is an NFT virtual metaverse world platform and an open NFT ecosystem. On the Free DAO platform, every player (game identity certificate) is an NFT, every city can be owned as an NFT, every product in the city will become an NFT, and anyone can create their own NFT identity or access to different platforms. As your own ID account.

At present, Free DAO has completed seamless docking of multiple metaverse projects. Users can create an identity authentication account on Free DAO and establish their own digital identity. This Free DAO identity authentication can also pass through multiple metaverse platforms, so as to avoid the trouble of frequent registration and login by users, and be safer, more efficient and convenien


Free DAO hopes to integrate metaverse ecology through polymerisation technology to form an interconnected and well-systematic virtual world, becoming a key to opening up the metaverse world

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